Our Story

Our soap making story began way back in 1999, when Lorraine and her husband went to the Great New York State Fair. While at the Witter Agricultural Museum on the Fairgrounds, they watched the soap making demonstration. Lorraine was completely captivated and asked the demonstrator, Kathy by name, if she taught classes.

Lorraine eventually took two classes and even purchased materials from this delightful woman who eventually became her mentor.  A mere four years later, Kathy asked Lorraine if she would take over for her as the soap making demonstrator.  With her husband’s blessing, Lorraine created her soap making business and began demonstrating at the Witter Museum in 2004.  She has done so ever since!

In 2018, Lorraine upped her game by creating dessert soap, and the following year, she was presented with the first of many "best in category" awards for her creations. She is especially proud of her "best in show" awarded in 2023. Lorraine continues to be inspired by edible desserts to make her soapy creations. 

Ready to check out the soap?