Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website

Welcome to our brand new website with a slightly different name and just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Rather than Morning Mist Farms Soaps & Sundries, we have trimmed our name down to Morning Mist Soap.  This project has been in the works for the past several months, but the seeds may have been unconsciously planted when we began making our patisserie inspired soap a few years ago.  As we have been showcasing this patisserie soap at local festivals, it seemed a natural step to consistently offer them to our online customers.  Rather than focus only on products for the festivals, we have learned that we must divide our attentions equally to those folks, as well as those who also shop online.  As we are a small one-man operation, it will take a tremendous amount of discipline to accomplish both tasks, but we are up to the challenge and have gotten a small sample of how much effort it will entail while we have been preparing to launch this new site.

Now, our website is a pleasure to look at and easy to navigate, checkout is a breeze, and God willing, our customers will not suffer the difficulties our old website put them through.  However, I might add, our customers are the best, as nothing deters them, and they have always been there to let us know should there be a problem with the site and its functionality with a cheerful phone call or email.  We cannot thank you enough!

Speaking of thanks, we must give an ENORMOUS thank you to LaBarge Media for taking Morning Mist on.  Their creative and artistic expertise and insight have made this website something we never thought possible.  They asked us if we had a look in mind.  We desired a patisserie atmosphere with a feminine touch, and they certainly did not disappoint!  Cleared of much of the unnecessary information we had previously, our look is updated and elegant.  We certainly hope you, our long-time and new customers agree.  A big thank you must also go to our dear friend Wendy G. for pointing us in LaBarge’s direction.  Without you, dear Wendy, we never would have taken this giant (for us) leap of faith.

Finally, a never ending thank you to our faithful customers.  We hope you will love browsing and shopping on our new website.  Ultimately, it never could have come to fruition without your loyal patronage.  Again, welcome to the new Morning Mist Soap.

Wishing you joy in this new year and a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Many blessings,

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