multiple "flavors" of cupcake soap sitting on top of a cake stand

That Soap is Too Pretty to Use!

Oh, my goodness, how many times have we heard this from folks at festivals over the past three years? Thousands?  Probably!  Now, we are focussing today on the patisserie inspired soap cupcakes and cake slices.  Even though our general use and créme silk soap are pretty, they are bar soap.

Our soap cupcakes and cake slices are indeed pretty to look at, but they are wonderful to use and should be used.  You will love the creamy lather and your skin will love the moisturising ingredients that include Shea Butter.

But how does one wash with a cupcake or a five-ounce slice of cake, you ask?  Great question!  Prior to last year, we would suggest cutting a cupcake in half, and that was as far as it went.  However, our cousin enlightened us to her method of using our dessert soap, and we think it is so brilliant that we had to pass it along.  This method allows you to enjoy the look of your soap and still enjoy the benefits in the bath!  We suggest you choose an area of your cupcake, take a slice off to bathe with (and remember all of our soap can be used to wash face, hands, and body), turn the flat portion of your cupcake against the wall of your backsplash and voilá, your cupcake is still pretty to look at and you can enjoy its luxurious moisturising lather, too!

mini cupcake soap cut in half sitting on a table

What about a slice of cake?  Take alternating diagonal slices from the narrowest portion of the wedge, use your slice and still enjoy the look!  It’s just a matter of being clever in the way you cut your dessert.  Who knew?!

In conclusion, there is no need to be afraid to use our dessert soap, after all it is just a fancy bar of soap.  These bars happen to be in the form of a slice of cake or a cupcake!  By the time you get through the entire dessert, you will realize how wonderful the soap is for your skin, and what could be more fun than bathing with a soap that resembles a dessert?

Have a great day!


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