variety of dessert shaped soap sitting on a cake plate with other cast soaps surrounding it like flowers, fruit, macaroons, and ice cream in a variety of colors

Making Bespoke Soap

Hello dear friends!

I recently completed an order for a bespoke soap.  A bespoke soap—what is that?!  I am so glad you asked.  A bespoke soap is one that we custom make for our customer.  Why, then, don’t you simply say “custom made?”  Why, because we are a quirky sort, are fond of many British expressions, and seek to use out of the ordinary words or terms and hopefully expand our vocabulary.  Plus, it’s just plain fun to use new words!  However, we are rapidly heading down an unnecessary rabbit hole, so let’s get back to the topic at hand—this bespoke soap we made for a longtime customer.

She had received a sample cupcake soap, and she let me know its coloration.  I quickly guessed what it was, and she asked if I could make it in a bar form.  Of course, so we made a small squat loaf in purple and cream, spooned peaks on the top, and dusted it with a misting of gold mica!  Simple, yet elegant, don’t you think?

stack of purple and green swirled soap bar on a table

We love designing and making bespoke soap.  Everything from cupcakes (our regularly offered size or even petite ones) and cakes to bespoke shapes, such as the beautiful babies and delightful hand-painted turtle soap, you see below.

blue, cream, and yellow cupcake shaped soap with a soap cast baby on top in a purple bear outfit 

Turtle shaped soap in variations of green and copper

Bespoke soap creations make great gifts for weddings, showers (excuse the pun😊), birthdays, graduations, and holiday gift giving.  If you have an idea for a soap, feel free to drop us a line or give us a call.  We can meet or converse via phone or e-mail.  We will discuss design, scent, and formulation of your vision.  We only ask that you NOT be in a rush as it does take time for our collaboration with you to come to a satisfactory soap creation.

And that’s the nuts and bolts of a bespoke soap!

Wishing you many blessings,


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