The Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp oil is rich in proteins, vitamins, mineral, and essential fatty acids for soapmaking. It is excellent for all skin and hair needs.
It is from the seed plant that contains between 25-35% oil by weight, which is high in essential fatty acids. Unrefined hemp oil is light green, with a nutty, grassy flavour.
Hemp oil is natures most perfectly balanced oil, containing Omega-3 Linolenic Acid and Omega-6 Linoleic Acid. These are Essential Fatty-Acids also know as EFA'S. Your body needs these EFA'S for tissue repair and growth.
Hemp Seed Oil contains significantly more EFA'S than Flax Seed Oil (80% vs 64%). The fatty-acid composition of hemp seed oil (68% linoleic, 13.4% linolenic) meets human requirements (linoleic:linolenic ratio 3:1) much better than flax seed oil (linoleic 13.4%, inolenic 50.8%). One tablespoon of hemp oil contains 10 grams of essential fatty acids.
Hemp seed oil contains fatty acids which contain glycerides, sterols and phospholipids. Fatty acids occur naturally in the skin and are helpful in protection against oxidative damage and can help with supplementation of the skin's inter cellular matrix.
Young and properly functioning skin has ceramides, but with age this level decreases and the polyunsaturated fatty acids that make ceramides flexible are replaced by less saturated fatty acids, and the slower metabolism is conducive to wrinkle formation and skin aging.
Hemp seed also contains around 23% protein and all nine essential amino acids as well as two sulfur containing amino acids -methionine and cystine-which are normally found in low quantities in vegetable proteins.
It is an ideal candidate to include in soaps.

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